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Amazean Jungle Thailand by UTMB

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 Amazean Jungle Thailand by UTMB
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Betong 140: Champions Rise in Unpredictable Conditions

Betong 140 showcased the incredible resilience of athletes amidst a weekend of unpredictable weather. Runners faced scorching heat, torrential downpours, and a foggy morning, pushing their mental and physical limits to the extreme.

A New Era Dawns

In the men's category, Gediminus Grinius (Lithuania) rose to the occasion, conquering the 147-km course in a record-breaking time of 24:23:36, surpassing the mark set by Sangé Sherpa (Nepal) last year. Sangé delivered a powerful performance, securing a second-place finish, with Michal Lesniak (Poland) completing the podium.

Rising Stars Shine Bright

The women's race was dominated by Hong Kong's Man Yee Cheung, who crossed the line as the undisputed champion with a 30:25:13 completion time. Legendary Francesca Canepa (Italy) followed, with Nutcha Phalee (Thailand) securing a well-deserved third-place finish.

Determination and Resilience Take Center Stage

Michal Lesniak (Poland) showcased incredible spirit by transitioning from last year's Betong 50 champion to tackling the demanding 140km course this year. His resolute determination secured him a well-earned third-place finish in the men's category.

Amazean jungle thailand highlight day 2
A Legend's Perseverance

2018 UTMB champion Francesca Canepa (Italy) displayed remarkable resilience in the face of illness during the race. Her inspiring spirit shone through as she crossed the finish line as the second-place female finisher.

International Victories and National Pride

The Betong 140 podium boasted a display of international talent. It was a special moment to see Nutcha Phalee (Thailand) make her people incredibly proud as the host nation's representative. And hometown favorite Mohammadalee Binlateh brought joy and pride to Betong.

Betong 100: New Champions Emerge and Records Shatter!

The Betong 100 witnessed a spectacular display of athleticism and record-breaking performances, with Asian athletes making a powerful statement on the international ultramarathon stage.

Dominant Victories and Record Runs

Disi Liang (China) emerged victorious in the men's category, conquering the challenging 106-km course with completion time 15:39:09. Hau Ha Thi (Vietnam) mirrored this achievement in the women's race, dominating the competition and crossing the finish line in record-breaking time at 16:12:30 to secure the female championship title. Notably, her time also placed her as the impressive second-place overall finisher! Following closely behind Hau Ha Thi were Hang Le (Vietnam) and Siok Har Lim (Malaysia) securing the second and third-place finishes in the women's category. In the men's race, Yutaro Yokochi (Japan) and Nhon Do (Vietnam) put on impressive displays to claim the second and third-place podium positions.

Vietnam's Powerhouse Presence

Vietnamese athletes showcased remarkable strength and talent at the Betong 100, securing an impressive three out of the six podium positions. This dominance highlights the nation's rising potential and promise to offer much more to the world of ultramarathon.

Rising Stars Take Center Stage

Disi Liang and Hau Ha Thi are rising stars to watch. Their performances at the Betong 100 further solidify their international recognition. Their victories are proof of their exceptional talent, dedication, and focused determination.

Congratulations to all who faced the challenge of Betong 100!

Speedy Race Betong 50: Records Shattered with Under 5-Hour Finishes!

The Speedy Race Betong 50 lived up to its name with thrilling speed and record-breaking achievements!

Men's Race: A New Era of Under 5 Hours

The men's category saw a historic moment as the top three finishers shattered the race record, completing the challenging 56-km trail in under 5 hours! China's Tao Luo dominated, setting a new course record at 05:38:33. Following closely behind were Peiquan You (China) and Davide Liu (Italy), securing podium finishes. These exceptional athletes have solidified their potential to become future stars on the global ultramarathon stage.

Women's Race: Resilience in the Heat

The women's race showcased incredible determination as runners battled through hot temperatures. Vanja Cnops (Belgium), finished 07:25:03, emerged as the female champion, followed by Jiangrong Yuan (China) and Elena Anisimova (Russia). All three athletes finished with smiles, a witness to their grit and perseverance.

Thai Runners Shine

The Speedy Race Betong 50 also celebrated outstanding performances from Thai athletes. The first couple of Thai male finishers made their mark on the event. Additionally, a significant portion of the finishers crossed the line at twilight and were welcomed by a dazzling display of street lights, celebrating their efforts in style!

Congratulations to all the finishers of the Speedy Race Betong 50!

Betong 25: Records Fall and Champions Rise!

The Betong 25 kicked off bright and early on Sunday morning, setting the stage for a thrilling and competitive race!

A New Era for Speed

The men's category witnessed a record-shattering performance by Tiago Viera (Portugal). Vera dominated the race, conquering the 26km course in a remarkable time of 02:30:37, surpassing the previous record by an impressive 30 minutes! Following closely behind were fellow champions: Yih Sua (Malaysia), and Nobuhito Kubo (Japan), adding to the international flair of the podium.

Thailand's Yupa Salee Shines

The women's race was equally exciting, Thai athlete Yupa Salee delivered a phenomenal performance, breaking the course record with a winning time of 03:36:57. She secured the female championship title, joined on the podium by Pengjia Chen (China) and Prissana Machuay (Thailand). This achievement is a source of immense pride for the Thai trail-running community.

Congratulations to all the finishers of the Betong 25!

Amazean Jungle Thailand by UTMB: A Success Story in its 3rd Edition

The Amazean Jungle Thailand by UTMB (AJTUTMB) continues to grow in scale and impact with its successful third edition (including the 2022 Zero edition). The Betong community's excitement was palpable in the lead-up to the event, recognizing the AJTUTMB's power to revitalize tourism, boost the local economy, and showcase the unique beauty of Thailand's southernmost city.

Expanded Activities, Record Participation, and a Global Reach

This year's AJTUTMB saw an impressive expansion of activities and a surge in international visitors. Nearly 50 different nations were represented, demonstrating the event's growing global appeal. Neighboring countries Malaysia and Vietnam sent particularly strong contingents, adding to the vibrant atmosphere and spirited cheering alongside the hosting community. Runners from China and Hong Kong also joined the challenge, further solidifying the AJTUTMB's international presence. The Saturday Night Run boasted an 83% increase in participation with nearly 2,000 runners and walkers. The addition of side sporting events, like Thai Kick Boxing and Traditional horse-riding archery, further broadened the event's appeal. The bustling local product market highlighted Betong's offerings and contributed to the vibrant atmosphere.

Introducing the 'Outdoor Experience Hub'

A significant highlight of this year's AJTUTMB was the unveiling of the 'Outdoor Experience Hub.' The refurbished old governor's house now offers a multifaceted space celebrating the Amazean Jungle's history, promoting healthy living with its beverage outlet, providing outdoor adventure information, and fostering creativity in the community's youth.

Building on Success

The AJTUTMB continues to elevate its status year after year. The enthusiastic community response, the growth in participation (particularly internationally), and the addition of exciting new elements like the Outdoor Experience Hub all point towards a bright future for this iconic event.

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