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Marina Militare Nastro Rosa Tour: Ancona

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 Marina Militare Nastro Rosa Tour: Ancona
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Marina Militare Nastro Rosa Tour: Ancona

Although it lasted only two days, the Ancona leg of the Marina Militare Nastro Rosa Tour redefined the general ranking of this event organized by Difesa e Servizi S.p.A. in collaboration with SSI Events and Marina Militare.

Hosted by Marina Dorica, the leg has in fact determined a new extension of the leader of the first hour, back alone thanks to the second place of Andrea Di Lisa among the Kitefoils and the third of Elena and Carlos Manera in the offshore leg, Vieste-Ancona (158 nm). Regatta won by Giancarlo Simeoli and Giovanni Bannetta, standard bearers of the Aeronautica Militare.

Leading with 46 points, Team IREN has therefore put 9 points between itself and the Navy, "owner" of the middle ground that separates the tread from Team Mexedia, which is now just 6 points far away from the team representing the Armed Force.

The provisional top five is completed by The Ocean Race, positioned 11 points from the third step of the podium, and IES Algeco, engaged in a tight head-to-head with Team ENIT, actual owner of the sixth place.

The gaps, however important, could still be closed during the last leg: while the last confrontation between the Beneteau Figaro 3 of the offshore fleet will take place in the high Adriatic, the Waszp will also be on stage in Venice, whose evolutions will have an important specific weight for the purposes of the overall ranking.

As for the offshore stage, the mandatory buoy positioned off Portorož is worth mentioning where, between 18 and 25 September, SSI Events in collaboration with the Yacht Club Marina di Portoroz, will organize the Double Mixed Offshore World Championship, an official event signed by World Sailing.

Returning to the event of Ancona, the final evening was very popular, during which the awards ceremony was attended by the Councilor for Productive Activities and the Port, Ida Simonella, the Prefect, Dr. Darco Pellos, the Squad Admiral Antonio Natale, Commander of the Marina Militare Schools, Colonel Cataldo Loiodice, Deputy Commander of the Aviation English Training Center in Loreto, and Alberto Rossi, president of Frittelli Maritime Group and five-time world champion in sailing.

The Navy Nastro Rosa Tour will end in Venice on July 8 with the closing ceremony and award ceremony at 6.30 pm at the Arsenale of Marina Militare right in Piazzale della Campanella. The ceremony will be attended by the Italian Minister of Tourism Massimo Garavaglia. The presence of the Minister testifies to the important contribution that the tour has made to the growth and promotion of the "Italy" brand in the particular sector of so-called "slow" tourism, which includes nautical tourism.

The tour will end with a sailing on 9 July at 11:00 in which the offshore boats that participated in the regatta and the historic boat Moro di Venezia, protagonist of the America's Cup in 1992, will take part.

Guided tours are scheduled on 8 July starting at 4:30 pm at the Historical Museum of the Arsenale of the Marina Militare and from 10:00 on 9 July at the Padiglione delle Navi and the Submarine Dandolo.

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