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Hellas Rally Raid 2022 - Day 6

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Hellas Rally Raid 2022 - Day 6
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Hellas Rally Raid 2022 - Day 6

The sixth day of the Hellas Rally Raid, was the chance for most of the participants to sign a better performance and ameliorate their ranking. The route as usual was very rocky, but this time much shorter and faster than the other days. Again the riders traversed through amazing mountainous landscapes and vast forests but had to face very high temperatures of almost 36 degrees.

Austrian talented rider Tobias Ebster, finished the race day on top in the Moto discipline, showing the he remains in excellent form despite the 6 days of continuous racing under very difficult circumstances. Still, far behind Jagu Julien who is leading overall. Again the Quad class performed really well and had a very small gap with the Moto one. Axel Dutrie led the rally today in that category and strengthened his position in the general classification. With only 35 minutes behind Wilkolek Marcin this battle is still on in the quad class. Finally regarding the SSV class, Manu Castan and his navigator Amandine Faget from France, led the pack and finished first, resulting in third overall.

Tomorrow is the last stage of this year's epic Hellas Rally Raid, and a last chance for the top performers to fight for a place on the podium. Again we will witness a very impressive race, high in quality, adrenaline and tension. All riders will give their best in a short and fast route before taking their way back home, all covered with new experiences and racing glory. Stay tuned for the most exciting last day!

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