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McMorris slopestyle.

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McMorris slopestyle.
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McMorris joins slopestyle stars pushing peak performance.

The world's best slopestyle stars unite to fiercely hone their skills before performing on the world stage in February, all vying for the sporting world's highest accolades.

Mark McMorris has been training hard to reach peak performance for next February as the snowboard star looks to add to his impressive career medal collection. The new documentary 'Chasing Winter' follows him and five other elite global slopestylers as they push themselves to the limit. Here is all you need to know:

- Canadian McMorris, the most decorated snowboard athlete of his generation, joins Jake Canter, Hailey Langland and Brock Crouch from the US as well as Japan's Takeru Otsuka and Miyabi Onitsuka on a hectic global quest to ensure that they can perform on the biggest stage in early 2022.

- The brand-new documentary - produced at the beginning of the 2021-2022 winter sports season - follows these six top athletes to the Swiss Alps to kick off this monumental, competitive season as they battle a pandemic in full effect and a slew of tricky injuries.

- 'Chasing Winter' goes beyond the results - showcasing the personalities, the dedication, and the people who inspire them to push the boundaries of the sport in search of those coveted medals in the most intense pressure-cooker environment possible.

- The village of Saas-Fee, Switzerland, plays host as a training camp as they lean on each other for new-found inspiration and motivation to land their next trick with McMorris, the most experienced competitor in attendance.

- The 2021 Big Air World Champion and nine-time Winter X Games winner is looking to score his maiden gold medal next February while taking after his own idols, to pass on crucial knowledge to the up-and-coming talents.

- Langland, Canter and Crouch have idolised McMorris his whole career, with 18-year-old Canter explaining how getting to this point in his burgeoning career has forced him to defy all odds after life-altering injuries.

- Twenty-one-year-old Langland - who competed at Pyeongchang three years ago – is looking for fresh inspiration from her fellow riders to help prove she is one of the best women on the scene. At the same time, talented surfer Crouch, 22, is set on making his mark in slopestyle snowboarding after facing his own life-changing accident with a near-fatal avalanche.

- Japanese duo Onitsuka, 23, and Otsuka, 20, are constantly extending their trick repertoires to remain at the top of their game, with both eager to add to their Winter X Games Big Air golds of recent years on an altogether different stage.

- McMorris, 28, reveals, "What can you hope to see from me in 2022? Strong riding, a healthy mindset, a healthy body, and a good show. We are all out here pushing each other because we don't know who's going to make it in the end. One of us is going to do it; we just don't know who yet."

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