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St. Moritz Running Festival

Press Info

6 ago 2021

The first Engadine summer run took place in 1980, with around 240 participants. 40 years later the numbers have risen more than tenfold, with five separate runs taking place over the course of three days. There is no doubt that one of the reasons for its popularity – aside from alpine vistas –is that the race has several very different categories to participate in. There is really something for everyone, be it families with kids, professionals, amateur athletes, endurance or action fans. And we intend to keep it that way.

It gets even better.

For its 42nd anniversary, the Engadine Summer Run is moving to St. Moritz and getting a makeover. New name, new logo, and it will even have its own Festival Village. The St. Moritz Running Festival takes place from August 12th – 15th in Ludains, St. Moritz Bad. The start and finish are right next to the idyllic lake of St. Moritz, and the festival village is open to runners, onlookers, and the public in general.

Anne-Marie Flammersfeld, president of the Engadine Summer Run Club says: "St. Moritz is known among athletes as a mecca for training. The elevation of 1,856 m, along with the infrastructure and atmosphere, offer the perfect conditions for training at altitude. Elite endurance athletes from a wide range of disciplines come to St. Moritz to train – and to put on a running festival together with the town of St. Moritz seems very fitting for this region of sports enthusiasts".

This year there is a new addition to the current categories "Engadine Summer Run 25k", "Muragl-Run 12.2 km", "Kids-Race" and "Free Fall Vertical 6.6 km + 1069m Vertical". It is called "Crossing Engiadina" and consists of a little over 70 km divided into several stages over 3 days. The route is designed to offer scenic mountain vistas to those keen to explore the Engadine Valley in their running shoes.

The festival village of the St. Moritz Running Festival not only houses awards ceremonies and culinary highlights like "Dinner for run" or "Patschific au lac", but also public yoga sessions by the lake, live music and entertainment for kids. Be prepared to witness powerful moments filled with emotion, especially when the athletes are poised at the start, or crossing the finish line after hours of effort. This is where we help the participants get fired up for the work to come, and where we welcome them back. A gathering place for those who have never missed a race, and for those who never joined one. For those looking for a bite to eat, and others who just came for the concert – with not even a pretence of athletic ambition.

With these new offerings for an even broader audience, the St. Moritz Running Festival is set to provide an experience with that little something extra. For runners and festival goers alike, and all of it with a breathtaking alpine backdrop.

A weekend for the mind, body and soul.

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